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Kaziranga Rare Species

Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park is one of the largest protected wildlife areas in India. It houses several rare and endangered species of animals, birds and reptiles. Approximately 35 mammalian species, 479 species of birds and 42 species of reptiles can be found in the park. The different species of animals found here at the Kaziranga National Park are – The Great One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros, Wild Asian Water Buffalo, Indian Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Wild Boar, Eastern Mole, Indian Pangolin, Indian Gaur, Swamp Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Hoolock, Hog Deer, Capped Langur or Leaf Monkey, Rhesus Macaque, Assamese Macaque, Indian leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Porcupine, Fishing Cat, Jungle Cat, Large Indian Civet, Small Indian Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Small Indian Mongoose, Bengal Fox, Golden Jackal, Common Otter, Chinese Ferret Badger, Hog Badger, Ganges and Indus River Dolphin, Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel, Asiatic Black Bear, Bat, Black Langur and Indian Gazelle etc. Out of these different species of animals, some animals like One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros, Wild Asian Water Buffalo, Royal Bengal Tiger, Eastern Mole, Indian Pangolin, Swamp Deer, Barking Deer, Hoolock Gibbon , Assamese Macaque, Sloth Bear, Indian Porcupine, Fishing Cat, Jungle Cat, Large Indian Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Ganges and Indus River Dolphin, Hog Badger etc like animals are very rare and out of all these rare ones, few are exclusively and only found here in at the Kaziranga National Park. The Big Cats are the largest felid species and all great cats are carnivores and efficient apex predators. Kaziranga and Manas national parks are few wild breeding areas in Assam and home to maximum number of big cats in India, such as Indian Tigers, Indian Leopard, Clouded Leopard and the Black Panther. The Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros, alias Indian Rhinoceros, are listed as one of the vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature with at least half of the total population; India’s Kaziranga National Park remains the key reserve for this species. More efforts should be undertaken for the conservation of the Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros. This makes Kaziranga National Park a very special, unique and must for sure visit wildlife destination for tourists all over the world. We at Indus Excursion, as a travel agency and tourist taxi operator firm, we encourage Wildlife perseverance and offer full natural experience for a wonderful planned trip to such a wonderful and amazing wildlife tourism destination called as Kaziranga National Park. Kindly fill up the booking request form and send it so that we can assist you and give you the best possible deal Kaziranga National Park tour.

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