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Kaziranga National Park

Famous for Asiatic one-horned rhinos, Kaziranga national park and tiger reserve remains open for visitors from November to April months. Rest of the time it remains closed for jungle safaris due to rainy season in which, most of the park area remain under flood water of Brahmaputra river. So one can visit the park at any day during these months. In monsoon, i.e. in the months of May to October, Kaziranga Park remains closed for visitors. So we can conclude that we can visit park during winters & summers. Kaziranga National Park is situated partly in Golaghat district and partly in Nagaon district of Assam. it is among the most well known wildlife areas in the world. And remains the most visited tourist spot in India’s north-east. “Kaziranga National Park’’ it is known worldwide for the great Indian one horned rhino (rhinoceros unicornis).

In first two months, after opening of park, i.e. during November to December, climate remains pleasant as after monsoon departure, we can find greenery everywhere in the forest area with plenty of water-holes. Winter season lasts for 3-months in Kaziranga, November - December – January – February. March & April (first half) are the spring seasons but daytime temperature will make you feel hot, still not that much as temperature never exceeding than 35°C even in worst summer. From second half of April to June, sunlight expresses his strong presence with heat waves, dryness in jungle, disappearance of water holes and a peculiar silence in the forest.

Best time to visit Kaziranga National Park varies with the aim with which we are intending to visit the forest. If we are interested in migratory bird watching in green surrounding of forest, perennials then from March to April months will be more suitable for us. Temperature will remain below 30 degree Celsius. During this time we can enjoy greenery of forest, plenty of water sources and birds around them. Similarly, Rhinos can also be seen easily as grassland becomes so dense. We can find even distribution of rhinos, and tigers and other animals during this time. Accommodation problem may arise in the months of November & December, as these are festival season in India due to which domestic tourist visits the forest most at this time as a family vacation tour so advance accommodation booking would be the better option to follow.

Those who are interested in birding, Rhino-sighting along with other mammals sighting, they can visit the park during January – February - March months. During this time temperature will remain below 25 degree Celsius which makes the weather cool and pleasant so safari will be problem. In the months of February and March, flowers in Flame of Forest tree make the jungle more photogenic and attract birds around them, sloth bears to come out more frequently. Observing the wildlife, including birding, is the main visitor activity in and around the park. Guided tours by elephant or Jeep are available. Hiking is prohibited in the park to avoid potential human-animal conflicts. A survey of tourists notes that 80 percent found rhino sightings most enjoyable and that foreign tourists were more likely to support park protection and employment opportunities financially, while local tourists favored support for veterinary services. During this time, domestic tourism falls down due to examinations in schools so accommodation availability will not pose any problem from domestic tourism side. Months of March – April considered the best time to do wildlife photography and tiger - rhino’s photography. During this time, we can expect unusual photography of tigers and rhinos as daylight causes animals to remain close to water sources and open grasslands. Idyllic weather will enable us to predict the animal location more accurately. The park is divided into three main tourist ranges, Kohora, Baghori and Agaratoli. All the major tourist facilities and entry formalities are based here. It is also the point of start for early morning safaris, where as vehicles can also be hired here for movement inside the park.

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