Kaziranga Safari
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Kaziranga Safari Ranges

Kaziranga Safari Ranges

Just like any other national park of India, doing game drive or park safari is the major activity and attraction for visitors. Here one can do Jeep safari and Elephant safari in Kaziranga forest area to discover the wildlife treasure of this world heritage site. The best part of Kaziranga Jungle safari is that within an hour you begin your game safari, you can see many wildlife species such as rhino, swamp deer, wild buffalo, hog deer, variety of birds including rare Bengal Florican etc. If you are lucky enough, you can find freely roaming of Elephant herds and tiger also.

Kaziranga Safari Ranges
Kaziranga is a world heritage site and an Important Bird Area (IBA). More than 60% of Great Indian One-horned rhinos, Eastern Swamp Deer, Asiatic Wild Water Buffalo are in Kaziranga forest. Here more than 460 species of birds are present. In order to manage & take care of wildlife treasures, park is divided in to four ranges: Kaziranga Range, Western Range, Eartern Range and Burapahar Range. At a time, one can attend jungle safari of one range. Their description and safari routes decription is as follows:
Kaziranga Range or Central Range Mihimukh - Kathpora -Daphlang - Diffolu River Bank -Mona beel - Karasing & back
Bagori or Western Range Dongabeel -Rouman - Rajapukhuri -Monabeel & back
Agratoli or Eartern Range Agratoli Sohola beel - Rongamotia -Maklung - Turturoni - Dhoba & back
Burapahar Range Ghurakati - Potahi beel - Diffolu - Phuloguri - Tunikati
Panbari reserve forest (under bokaghat  beat)
Kukurkata reserve forest (under burapahar range)
Picnic Spots
Bishwanath ghat
Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary

Each range has its own uniqueness in terms of grassland, density of mammals & birds, topography, terrains, wet lands etc. Western range is considered good for elephant safaris to rhinos sighting and covers MonabeelmBimoli, Kanchanjuri areas. Here Donga lake offers secenic view of nature. Eastern range of park is good for water birds such as Bengal Florican, White-eyed Pochard, Spot-billed Pelican, Fish Eagle etc. It covers Agortoli as entry point, Sohola. The Central Range is also know as Kaziranga range covers the Dagland & Foliomari area. Some of its park is declared as Core Zone of Tiger Reserve.

Elephant Safari Rides
Kaziranga National Park lies on Brahmaputra river valley and received flood water every year. Here we can find 4 main types of vegetation: alluvial inundated grasslands, alluvial sawanna woodlands, tropical moist mixed deciduous forests & tropical semi-evergreen forests. As per landsat data of Kaziranga forest, tall grasses covers 41% of area. As this a large area, so to inorder to penetrate such places insearch of rhinos & other wildlife, elephant ride is the best medium to do so. Forest department offers elephant safari rides as a part of Kaziranga safari at stipulated times in morning & evening.
Kaziranga Elephant Safari Rides Timing
Park Range
Morning Ride Timing
Afternoon Ride Timing
Kaziranga Range, Kohora
05:30 - to - 07:30 Hrs
15:00 - to - 16:00 Hrs
Eastern Range, Agaratoli
05:30 - to - 07:30 Hrs
15:00 - to - 16:00 Hrs
Western Range, Bagori
05:30 - to - 07:30 Hrs
15:00 - to - 16:00 Hrs
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati
05:30 - to - 07:30 Hrs
15:00 - to - 16:00 Hrs
Above elephant rides timing is decided by park management. These times can be changed by park management as they retains such right. Here elephant for game safari are provided by Kaziranga Park Management as per rules of Forest Department of Assam. So Elephant Safar Fee in Kaziranga is also decided by park management. Every year, they declares the safari costs for whole season which is to be submitted at the time of booking. We recommend advance booking of elephant safari to avoid last moment hassle. Among the elephant safari ranges, we give priority to Western Range (Bagori) so as to enjoy better sighting of great Indian one-horned Rhinos. It is rich in rhinos and offers great photography opportunities insites like Donga lake and other marshy areas.

During elephant ride, maximum 04 tourists are allowed to ride in addition to mahaout. Charges for this this ride includes riding charges, entrance fee and camera fee is optional (need to pay if you have). In order to take the elephant ride, one has to each the pick-up point by jeep and from their you have have the ride similarly you will be dropped back to same point.
BOOKING: One can do Elephant Safari booking from booking counter (Close to entrance gate) or through Resort and even with the help of their Travel Agent. Interested tourist can do the booking one night before actual ride. Each range has its own booking office to entertain elephant safari rides request for that particular range.

Jeep Safari Rides
Just like most of the other national parks & tiger reserves of India, one can enjoy jeep safari in Kaziranga aslo. In a single day, maximum 02 round of jeep safari is offered to visitors in addition to elephant safari. In a single jeep, maximum 06 passengers are allowed to ride. We recommend to carry you Identity proof during safari as officials can ask to produce for verification. For those who want to spend more time in forest, park management offers special Full-day Jeep Safari in which tourist can enjoy full day game drive. At present only 04 such tickets are issued in a safari range on first-come-first-serve basis. Jeep safari has its own advantages over elephant safari. It make you visit larges area of park in a limited time. Just like elephant safari, it is also a paid ride which is to be booked from booking counter by paying the actual fee. During jungle safari in Kaziranga, you will be accompanied by safari guide allotted by park management from booking counter. He will guide you during game drive and also ensures all park rules are followed properly by tourists & safari vehicle.
BOOKING: For jeep safari in Kaziranga National Park, visitor can collect entrance ticket from booking counter of particular forst range. Safari guide is allotted at the time of entrance.

Safari vehicles used here are open jeeps operated by private operators. Such vehicles can be obtained/booked from nearby range headquarters (booking offices). Their charging is on per kilometer basis and also on per hour basis. You can also fix the lumsum amount on per safari. To avoid such booking inconvenience we recommend services of travel agent or through resort/lodge as they have their own links and tie-ups.

Trekking in Kaziranga
Trekking is allowed in limited forest area in company of armed guards provided by forest department. In Kukurkata Reserve Forest and popular Panbari Reserve Forest one can do the trekking to enjoy the nature and birding at Kaziranga. Topography of both reserve forest has some differences. Kukurkata Reserve Forest is relatively more hilly with trophical moist mixed forest. When we mount up to the hill top, we can have a piscutresque view of Brahmaputra floodplains, forested areas of Kaziranga and diversity of birds. Panbari Reserve forest has relatively gentle slope so can be visited with more ease. Both the reserves offer sighting of rhinos, wild elephants & hoolock gibbons (only ape in India). Panbari is also good for woodland birds such as Green-backed Heron, Red-headed Trogon, Great Hornbill, White Bellied Heron, Swamp Francolin, Yellow vented Warbler, Black-necked Storks, Black bellied tern etc.
Name of Range
Permit required from
Burapahar Range (Ghorakati)
Kukurakata Reserve Forest : Natundanga through Kukurakata Reserve Forest up to Baneswar Temple & back.
11 Kms
Range Officer Burapahar Range, Ghorakati
Bokakhat Beat (Bokakhat)
Panbari Reserve Forest : Modarjuri Camp - Pipe line - Panbari forest & back to Modarjuri Camp.
05 Kms.
Beat Officer, Bokakhat Beat, Bokakhat

Cruise Safari
It is a new concept under consideration by Kaziranga park management. As Kaziranga forest is spread on Brahmaputra river valley having large flood plains, experts are exploring the possibility of limited cruise safari on Brahmaputra river so that visitors can cover that part of forest and wildlife which is adjacent of river flow area. In this website we have offered such a similar tour package in which tourist can enjoy the wildlife safari with adventure of cruise ride. It is the best way to explore floodplains eco-system.

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